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10W Fast Wireless Charging pad

10W Fast Wireless Charging pad

SKU: 81360211909

Here are the newly released "OndaWire" wireless 9V Fast Charge charging pads. These have been tested and the feedback has been phenomenal. These wireless charging pads have an output of 5W, 7.5W and 10W depending on your device. This charger is super slim at just 6mm thick, making it super easy for travel or just sitting on a desk.

*These are NOT waterproof so please avoid getting wet OR using as a drink coaster!

Color: White

    We hope you enjoy our products. We strive to bring you the best quality products by using the best quality components. While some chargers use traditional copper "coated" coils, we decided to take charging a step further and use "pure" copper coils in order to give you the best and fastest charge possible. We want to do things right from the beginning.

    Our Qi fast chargers have intelligent soft aperture allowing the charging pad to recognize how much wattage your device is supposed to recieve and deliver that exact amount. Our chargers support all Qi smartphone capable wireless receiving devices and more.

    These wireless chargers also have automatic "maintain" built in feature to prevent your phone from overheating or overexposure of excess charging that could cause damage to your battery.

    * Your phone will never be HOT coming off of your charging pad because of this feature.

    *Please note that while some smartphone batteries are the same mAh, the condiition of the batteries (over time) are not the same. For example: a 1-2 year old smartphone battery "may" not charge as good or fast as a brand new smartphone battery.

    *Also note that wireless charging times can vary by device. Some phones do charge faster than others and, using the phone charging cable and block could also "possibly" charge your phone faster than most wireless charging devices.

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    All products come with a 14-day return policy from time/date of shipment to the customer. All returns MUST BE returned in the original box with all original contents.

    Once we receive the product back along with it's original box and contents, a refund will be returned via original payment.

    We stand by our products and please ask that if you have any questions or concern to email us at:


    All orders shipped within the United States only, for a limited time, have FREE priority shipping. Once order is completed, shipping is instant and delivery time will be 3-5 business days.

    If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at: or log on to the website to chat with a support member.


    Product: Qi Wireless Charger

    Battery Type: Li-polymer Fast Charge Battery

    Supported Devices: Smartphones/ipod/ipad/mp3/mp4

    Certification: CE, ROHS, FCC

    Input: 9V/1.67A       5V/2A

    Output: 9V/1.35A    5V/1.5A

    Charging Distance: <10mm / Phone can charge with case on

    Automatic Shutoff

    Material: Aluminum alloy + ABS

    Size: 100mm diameter 6mm thick

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