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Paanch Movie Torrent 1080p: Where to Find and How to Play the Censored Movie

After a long wait and rumors galore, Paanch has finally had it's release. It is one of the most awaited Bollywood titles of the year. Although it was a misfire at the box-office, Paanch is still a cult film with a cult fan base - a media blackout on the film for months had only magnified the film's reputation. Given how the film was leaked, it is probably one of the most notorious leaks of the year! IANS, Reuters

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A young MBA student who comes to know about the Paanch Bombay connection, accidentally sends a copy of the film to Anurag Kashyap, who is also a member of the Paanch. Kashyap then seeks an exclusive clip for Paanch out of which he gets his own film being made. His new lead actress (in the film, it is the mother of the female lead of 24), also gets roped into it. However, his plan backfires when, in the climax of the film, the revealing footage is used by Panch's evil enforcer to blackmail the star actor. The original editor of the film, Robin Bhattacharji, and the original writer of the screenplay, Jaideep Sahni, also get roped into it.

Om Kher and Zoya Akhtar (in pre-times, they were best friends), who were roped into the film, say its a great movie but not a great film. The writer-director of the film has said that he wrote the film in two weeks.

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