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What To Buy A Wine Lover

If you don't know what your gift recipient likes to drink, let them choose a few bottles on their own with wine subscription. Winc offers gift cards in amounts that translate to one, two, or three months worth of wine deliveries. Members can fill out their own wine profile to get bottles they'll love.

what to buy a wine lover


Worry more about filling your glasses with wine than about having full hands with this bottle and glass holder. This caddy has a spot for your wine bottle and two convenient areas that your wine glass stems will fit right into.

As if you needed another reason to finish that bottle of wine, this kit puts your empty wine bottles to use. Once the bottle is empty and washed, you'll fill it up with water and plug the top of it with a soil capsule. Next, just add in some seeds and put it on the window sill. Soon enough, you'll have full-sized leaves of edible flowers or go-to herbs like dill and basil.

Reviewers rave about the InBooze Red Wine Infusion Cocktail Kit, and the appeal is obvious. All you need to do to create a delicious batch of sangria is dump the contents into a bowl with your favorite wine (and a little brandy, if you're feeling extra). You can get a white wine version, too.

Whether you're relaxing in the backyard or picnicking in the park, this portable table, which stakes into the soil and can hold two glasses and a bottle of wine plus a plate of treats, is just what you need to keep things elegant.

Fresh herbs are a game-changer for adding flavour and freshness to recipes. The novelty of an organic kitchen garden grown hydroponically in an upcycled wine bottle is marvellous, and there are nine herbs to choose from, including classic basil, mint and coriander. This innovative, wine-related gift will literally keep on giving.

Le Creuset claims that when stored in the freezer, its WA-126 cooler sleeve will chill a bottle from room temperature in 20 minutes. If the wine was chilled to start, this should keep it cold for hours. This could be a great addition to a backpack for picnic adventures, al fresco eating with friends, or simply on the side table in the living room. Available in black, burgundy, cerise, shell pink and volcanic orange.

These scaffolding planks have come a long way. With a stand for resting your book on, two notches for tealights and a slot for safely holding a long-stemmed wine glass, these bath caddies retain bags of character while fulfilling their new role. Choose from 70cm, 80cm and 90cm lengths and various features.

Fitting up to two bottles of wine snugly, this tote bag is fully insulated to keep your wine cool and ready to drink. Plus, it's fitted with accessories including a chic wooden cork screw and there is a removable padded divider which keeps bottles from clinking together when moving around.

With a thin fluted finish, these wine glasses are made from recycled glass from disused bottles. They are all mouth-blown and have a blue tinge finish. There's even biodegradable organic inks on the box to ensure the circle of recycling can continue.

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Does the wine lover in your life have a bad habit of forgetting to put their bottles in the fridge or cooler? If so, consider these stainless steel wine chilling wands, which can chill wine to its ideal serving temperature in just minutes. Once the wands have spent at least three hours in the freezer, they can be placed directly into wine glasses.

With these beautiful coasters, your recipient will never have to worry about their glasses leaving behind red wine stain. Made with rich acacia wood and cloudy resin, these Crate & Barrel exclusives are crafted by hand, meaning every one is unique.

Let your wine breathe as your pour with this handy acrylic aerator. Designed to help your wine release its full flavor, this aerator is a cinch to use: Simply hold it over your wine glass and pour the wine through. It also comes with a no-drip stand, a travel pouch and a sediment filter.

For a vintage look, these etched wine glasses are unbeatable. Featuring a gorgeous hand-cut floral pattern, these glasses would make an elegant addition to a holiday dinner table or evening happy hour spread. While clear glass is classic, these beauties also come in light blue.

These outside-the-box wines are sure to impress even the most discerning wine lovers. The set comes with eight small bottles of less-traditional wines, making for the perfect lineup for an at-home tasting.

For the person who shows up to every event with a bottle of wine in tow, this insulated travel tote will make their job much easier, keeping wine at the perfect temperature during transit. The stately bag is made from a waxed cotton canvas and has leatherette straps. Plus, it comes in two sizes, allowing you to easily carry two or three bottles at a time.

Wine loses its freshness when exposed to air for too long and for those who typically only drink one glass of wine at a time, a preservation system can make a world of difference. This unique system actually inserts a needle through the cork to pressurize the bottle, allowing you to pour a glass without ever removing the stopper. The cork naturally reseals itself when the clamp is removed, keeping the wine fresh for weeks or months.

This gorgeous decanter is sure to be the star of any bar cart. Featuring a chic asymmetrical spout that allows for smooth pouring, this handblown vessel can easily accommodate a full 750-ml bottle of wine. Paired with a set of nice wine glasses, it would be a wonderful gift for your favorite host.

If you really want to impress an amateur sommelier, a countertop wine cooler for their favorite beverage will do the trick. This fridge features stylish and sturdy stainless steel construction, an adjustable temperature control and racks that neatly stack 14 bottles of wine. For recipients who are short on counter space, consider the smaller and narrower eight bottle cooler.

Test your Vintner skills this holiday season with this convenient wine-making kit. Ideal for beginners, the kit comes with everything you need to make a gallon of Cabernet Sauvignon, including a glass carboy, funnel and yeast additives.

Vino and good food go hand-in-hand, and this cookbook offers a plethora of recipes that will pair perfectly with all sorts of wine. It features a collection of 75 recipes inspired by different types of wine, as well as an explanation of why the pairing works well together and recommendations for specific brands.

Perfect for holiday gatherings, this wine caddy has space for two bottles of wine and four stemmed wine glasses, and it comes with four ceramic dishes that can be used to serve cheese, crackers and other snacks. The design is crafted from mango wood and wrought iron and it comes with a removable second tier in case you want to use it solely as a serving tray.

Even the most experienced connoisseurs spill their drink now and then, which is why a bottle of Wine Away is a must-have for every wine enthusiast. This special stain remover works incredibly well on both fresh and dried wine spots and it leaves a light citrus scent behind.

Choosing wine can be challenging, especially when picking out a bottle for someone else. When selecting a wine gift for someone else, opt for a tried and true bottle from a high-quality producer. "I always opt for Champagne or sparkling wine," said Fine. "It's perfect for celebrating and always fits the mood."Moore says that if you're having trouble selecting a high-quality wine, turn to the experts. "Find your local mom-and-pop wine store and get to know the people that work there," she suggests. "They curate their selections just like sommeliers create wine lists. They know the producers' backstories and flavor profiles and can guide you based upon your preferences. You simply aren't going to get that level of service at the bigger wine or liquor stores," she added."}},"@type": "Question","name": "How can I gift a wine subscription?","acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer","text": "Gifting a wine subscription is easy! First, take a look at some of the best online wine subscriptions. There are a lot to choose from, so first assess your needs: How frequently do you want to have wine delivered? How many bottles would you like included with each shipment? What styles of wine do you prefer? And,and most importantly, how much would you like to spend? "Giving a wine subscription is a great option," says Moore. "There are countless sommeliers with active wine clubs that send out a couple of bottles a month with tasting notes," she added.Wine subscriptions are billed on a monthly or quarterly basis, so if you'd like to send one as a gift, you can sign the recipient up to receive as many shipments as you'd like. Depending on how much you'd like to spend, most subscription services have options to receive one, two, three, or six months worth of deliveries.","@type": "Question","name": "Can you send wine in the mail?","acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer","text": "You can ship wine in the mail, but it's a complicated process that is subject to many state and federal laws, as well as carrier regulations. For example, USPS and FedEx both do not allow individuals to mail wine. Most mail carriers only allow wine to be sent from licensed shippers, and it depends where you're shipping to. If you'd like to send wine to someone, the best way to do so is to order it through a licensed distributor or retailer and have it mailed directly to them, rather than packaging and shipping it yourself."]}]}] Skip to contentFood & WineSearchSearchPlease fill out this field.Log InMy AccountLog OutMagazine Subscribe Manage Your Subscription Give a Gift Subscription Get Help Newsletter Sweepstakes Subscribe SearchSearchPlease fill out this field.RecipesRecipes Breakfast & Brunch Lunch Appetizers Dinner Side Dishes Salads Soup Desserts Cocktails Holidays & Events View All IngredientsIngredients Beef Bread Chicken Seafood Pasta & Noodles Pork Vegetables View All WineWine Red Wine White Wine Champagne & Sparkling Wine Rose Wine Wine Regions View All DrinksDrinks Beer Coffee Tea Juices View All SpiritsSpirits Rum Whiskey Vodka Gin Mocktails Tequila Mezcal View All What to BuyWhat to Buy Food & Wine Faves Trends & Deals Cookware Bar & Drinks Small Appliances Knives Grilling & BBQ Hosting & Dining View All Cooking TechniquesCooking Techniques Baking Grilling Steal This Trick View All TravelTravel Restaurants Bars Wine Regions View All News About Us Subscribe Log InMy AccountMy AccountLog OutMagazineMagazine Subscribe Manage Your Subscription Give a Gift Subscription Get Help Newsletter Sweepstakes Follow Us Facebook Flipboard Instagram Pinterest Twitter YouTube Recipes Breakfast & Brunch Lunch Appetizers Dinner Side Dishes Salads Soup Desserts Cocktails Holidays & Events View All Ingredients Beef Bread Chicken Seafood Pasta & Noodles Pork Vegetables View All Wine Red Wine White Wine Champagne & Sparkling Wine Rose Wine Wine Regions View All Drinks Beer Coffee Tea Juices View All Spirits Rum Whiskey Vodka Gin Mocktails Tequila Mezcal View All What to Buy Food & Wine Faves Trends & Deals Cookware Bar & Drinks Small Appliances Knives Grilling & BBQ Hosting & Dining View All Cooking Techniques Baking Grilling Steal This Trick View All Travel Restaurants Bars Wine Regions View All News About UsSubscribeWhat to BuyGift GuidesThe 52 Best Wine Gifts for 2023By 041b061a72


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