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Starsector Download PC Game !!TOP!!

Update (12/20/21, 5:30pm EST): a hotfix for a late game hang while visiting a bar, along with a number of other fixes and balance adjustments (full list of changes here); please re-download the game using the links below.

Starsector Download PC Game

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Starsector (formerly Starfarer) is a top-down single-player indie role-playing game developed and published by Fractal Softworks for computers in 2011. Set in the year 3126, the player commands a fleet of spaceships and engages in combat, trade, and exploration in a procedurally generated world.

Reviewers praised the game on release and have continued to do so on every update, calling it a sort of "Mount & Blade: Warband in space".[1] Fractal Softworks have continued to regularly update the game with new ships, weapons, and missions.

Starsector is an open world single-player space combat role playing and exploration game,[2] with a procedurally generated map.[3] The player is able to interact with and join one of 7 factions, remain as an independent, or become a mercenary. At the start of the game, the player is given the option to choose their headshot and spawns in the world with a small fleet of ships. After an extremely short series of tutorial missions, the player is given complete freedom to do whatever they desire.[4] Movement of your fleet in the game is controlled by your mouse, or can be set on autopilot. You can either travel freely through space or select a destination to travel to various colonies where you can purchase materials. During the game, one can hire crew members, purchase ships, and conduct trade. As of the 0.9 patch, you are able to establish your own colony and manage it yourself later in the game.[1]

Missions are offered as you fly through space or go to colonies, and will disappear soon after, as transmissions travel in real time. Completing these missions rewards you with credits which you can use to repair ships, purchase fuel, buy new ships, or hire officers. The game sports a real-time simulated economy on every colony, with an open market (subject to a tariff of 30 percent) as well as a black market, where one can purchase goods without a tariff, as well as various illegal materials such as recreational drugs, human organs, and AI cores.[5]

Combat occurs when one fleet intercepts another in space. The game interface then changes and the player is able to take control of a ship directly. The player is also able to control all other ships with basic commands such as "avoid" or "full retreat".[5] Different weapons do more damage against different types of targets (shields, hulls, etc.). The game uses standard WASD movement, with the option to strafe using your mouse. A ship generates flux when it fires or absorbs damage with their shields (if applicable), which has to be vented out into space through a process which leaves it momentarily defenseless, or face being rendered totally nonfunctional for a longer period.[5]

The game itself has minimal plot, and the player is involved in very few story moments. The player is instead intended to create their own story. Lead developer Alexander Mosolov has stated that the player is intended to uncover lore as they travel throughout the world.[6]

The game takes place in the year 3126, after humanity developed faster-than-light travel using transport gates. For many years, this method of travel created a golden age for humanity. However, exactly 206 cycles ago, all transport gates abruptly ceased to function and humanity was plunged into a Dark Age where piracy went rampant and splintering factions began to form and exert their influence. This event is referred to as "the collapse".[7] 206 cycles after the collapse, our player enters the sector. In the sector, there are various different factions that have taken hold and reached a strategic stalemate, with no faction being able to win.[7] These factions are:

The game was made entirely by Fractal Softworks, led by indie developer Alexander Mosolov.[1] Mosolov cited Star Control II as a "major" influence on the game's development, as well as Wing Commander: Privateer, Sid Meier's Pirates!, and Solar Winds.[9]

The Alpha Version of Starsector was released on April 29, 2011, with six missions and a tutorial, as well as some basic modding tools. Starsector is written in Java using LWJGL, and has been receiving steady updates for over a decade.[1] As of January 3, 2021 the game contains 14 missions, 3 combat tutorials, the steadily-updating campaign mode with several major gameplay systems (an economy that easily scales-up, planetary colonization, exploration and salvage, factional reputations, bounty hunting, player and non-player colony raiding). These systems are well-integrated with the core combat gameplay and some are expected to be expanded or improved upon, such as expanding the player's options in raiding colonies.[10]

The game is currently available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Notably, the game is not currently available on digital distribution platforms such as Steam. A release on those platforms is planned in the future, when the game is more "ready".[11]

Since the Alpha version of the game, the game has received critical acclaim, most notably from Rock, Paper, Shotgun, who said in 2012 that the game was "already top-notch stuff".[12] Eurogamer also previewed the game in 2013, saying that "even now there's a lot to relish", while expressing optimism about the game's expansion.[13] That same year, Kotaku recommended it as a successor to Star Control II and The Ur-Quan Masters.[14] Cubed3 previewed the unfinished game in 2017, explaining that Starsector "has a way to go as far as hammering out balance ... which is a massive annoyance to an otherwise promising space sandbox game."[15] Rock Paper Shotgun noted that the game was still unfinished in 2018, but recommended the game as "more than worth the money already".[1]

Space was made for sandbox games. There is unequivocally no question about that. So what do game developers do when such a compatible concept is laid out before them? They create Starsector, of course - a game dedicated to facilitating players into telling their very own space operas. Traverse the stars and become a hero in the universe or villain.

The stigma attached to most of these space exploration games is that they are either brilliant or terrible. There doesn't seem to have one released that is just average. So we enter the gameplay of Starsector with a polarized approach - either we'll come out feeling like the King of a planetary empire or derp rodent of a backwater moon. Which will it be?

Starsector purposely conveys a liberal approach to gameplay. Lacking a detailed narrative and presenting loose lore - players are encouraged to tell their own stories while plummeting into the cold depths of space. All we know is that we're more than 1000 years into the future, and 7 different factions are in an endless spat for control of this - well, star sector.

You're thrown into the game choosing what kind of story you'll be telling. There are a few customization options at the beginning. Being able to pick an avatar and name yourself - and choose your occupation. Suddenly, away you go with your little fleet of ships! There isn't much intuition to tell you what you should be doing, but the core focus of gameplay presents the idea nearly right away.

Starsector is a space combat game - almost bringing the survivalist factors. You'll be tasked with fending off enemies to keep your fleet alive and grow it against the intense hordes of foes vying for power. The fleet will travel around exploring colonies, fulfilling quests, and purchasing resources to repair and extend your armada.

It does feel a bit aimless, but the combat is pretty gripping. You'll take complete control of your ship to engage enemies without being stuck to a traditional RTS battle style. Players can dodge, fire, and maneuver to gain a competitive advantage and ultimately victory. But here is where we hit a snag. That aspect of gameplay is just about the only thing that holds Starsector together.

It's worthwhile to note that Starsector is not yet a completed game. It's been in early access for numerous years while the minuscule team of developers chips away at the ambitious project. Honestly, the foundations of Starsector are all there. The mechanics will serve as an immersive and intriguing space opera - it only needs to be fleshed out more.

Starsector is reminiscent of Mount & Blade: Warband - almost like a version of the game in space. It faces the task of refining its already diverse gameplay. There are excellent combat, shipbuilding, city management, and trade mechanics - and we have every faith it's going to get there. While it needs work at the moment, we'll put this game down in the good books of space exploration.

Miscellaneous:Ship system charge indicator now shows progress towards regenerating new charge when charges are at 0"Your ship approaches " now always printed before the entity description."Campaign help" -> "Help popups" during new game creation

While Starsector is still a work-in-progress, today's version feels like a major milestone. While there's still no official 'endgame' to it, I'm not sure it even needs one. NPC empires poke and prod at each other, while you play your role as a freelance captain. Whether you play as a bounty hunter in a lone hyper-optimised custom craft, or an admiral hanging back and giving orders to a massive fleet produced by your own shipyards, it's all possible now. Privateers can now chat to characters in bars, getting side missions including cargo delivery, salvage and more direct combat runs. 041b061a72


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